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ASM Development

A bridge between USA's Gulf Coast and the Scandinavian countries

Southern USA, with its booming industry centered around energy in IT, and Scandinavia are two of the most technically advanced and entrepreneurial areas in the world. Trade and technology exchange has however mainly been limited to "big-company" business such as telecommunications, autos and trucks etc. Many unique niche products with significant potential are still waiting to be introduced in the respective market.

We identify and promote opportunities for trade between the two region as:

  • Consultants
  • Agent for Exporters
  • Importer and Distributor

Examples of services and products with potential in Texas and neighboring states:

  • Clean-Tech solutions,
  • Safety and security innovations
  • Niche products for the health care industry.

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ASM Development LLC
Houston, Texas
Phone:   281-486-7330
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The two markets

Scandinavia (Sweden, Norwary, Denmark).

  • Population 19.6 million
  • GDP 1.09 million
  • Export $345 billion


  • Population 25.1 million
  • GDP $1.15 billion
  • Export $163 billion